About COVID-19

We're open!

Our stores have opened nationwide to serve your sartorial needs! We have implemented stringent measures to make sure that our retail stores are safe but still comfortable and welcoming for our customers and employees.  

At our store...

In compliance with government regulations and mall policies, we are implementing social distancing, rigorous sanitation procedures and modern technology to keep our environment and products virus free. Fitting in our stores are allowed as each product undergoes special sanitation steps before and after - in recommendation by the World Health Organization. Here are some measures at our store:

1. Regular sanitation of hotspots such as surfaces, phones, handles, switches, writing instruments, hangers, doorknobs and the like

2. All employees undergo testing and x-ray

3. Daily temperature check of all employees

4. Disinfection solution and sanitizers for customers

5. Social distancing markers on the shop floor

6. Offer pick up orders from our store, home service and/or delivery to our customers 

7. Hot steam and UV light disinfection for items on display and before/after fitting

8. Disposable gloves for browsing

9. Sanitation mats for stores in open areas

At our office and warehouse...

All our products are handled with care. Our employees are provided with complete sanitation materials and personal protective equipment such as face shields, masks, gloves and private transportation for their safety and to limit close public exposure. 

1. All employees have to submit medical requirements prior to resuming work

2. Social distancing at all work spaces and meetings conducted are limited

3. Daily temperature checks and sanitation mats

4. Products are handled with gloves and go through UV light disinfection

5. Wearing of masks is strictly implemented

6. Company shuttle service provided

We look forward to welcoming you in our stores as we continue to work effortlessly to provide more channels of safe shopping through our physical stores, anthem.com.ph, personal shopping and Lazada.


With love,

Eric & Cheryl, Co-Founders

and Anthem Team