Champion Japan Sports T-Shirt - Navy


SKU: CJC3RS307370M Champion







Polypropylene and cotton are blended with "C VAPOR®" that quickly dries the heated body and keeps it in a cool and comfortable state. At the same time as reducing the stickiness of the skin surface, it is also lighter than cotton T-shirts. A functional short-sleeved T-shirt that feels like a cotton T-shirt and can be worn as if you were wearing it everyday. * King sizes up to 2L-5L of the same style are also available.

  • C Vapor PP (60% cotton 40% polypropylene)

  • The size is not the size planned in the United States, but the size planned in Japan.
  • There may be some discrepancies with the actual size.
  • We have an allowable range of ± 2 cm.
  • There is some shrinkage due to washing.
  • In an environment such as a monitor, the color of the photo may differ from the actual product.