Social Responsibility

Global brands, global citizens

ANTHEM recognizes the changing needs for the "new normal" we are facing. We believe in contributing to the community we are part of and to leave an indelible mark as a socially responsible actor in the retail industry.

Original Penguin is a fervent supporter of Earth Day (April 22) and World Penguin Day (April 25). In honor of #WorldPenguinDay for every share Project #ShareConservation receives, Original Penguin donates $1 to support Oceana's campaign work to help protect the world's oceans on a global scale.

In light of the COVID pandemic, ANTHEM and Original Penguin have decided to produce fashionable and functional face masks which will go on sale soon in Original Penguin stores nationwide and online. Part of the proceeds from these masks shall be promptly donated to help our frontliners in the fight against COVID as well as families of patients in need of financial support.

Beyond The Vines, meanwhile, is in the process of transitioning to using cloth bags as shopping bags to help in providing a sustainable solution against single-use plastics and paper bags.